Cornish Tea - Red Berry Fusion Tea Bags (15)

Cornish Tea - Red Berry Fusion Tea Bags (15)




Cornish Tea- Red Berry Fusion Bags. Box of 15.


Rainforest Alliance Certified. Biodegradable and Organic. Made from 100% biodegradeable corn-starch. They biodegrades in 2 months!


Pair it with a Kernow Chocolate bar for the perfect Cornish treat!


Cornish Tea says:

"This delightful tisane of red berries and fruit will definitely tantalize your taste buds. Not a tea leaf in sight, it is naturally caffeine free, but will still give you that ‘pick me up’ you need on a dreary afternoon. Bursting with the fruity goodness of blueberries and apples it will delight your taste buds, but no, you can’t count it as one of your ‘five a day’! If you find it a little tart, (Vicar swears its not), drizzle a little honey to sweeten the deal. Portioned just right for your mug you can leave the clever little bag dangling to intensify the flavour and get the best out of the berries. Fruity and fabulous."

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