Cornish Tea - Earl Grey Fusion Tea Bags (15)

Cornish Tea - Earl Grey Fusion Tea Bags (15)




Cornish Tea- Earl Grey and Rose Petals. Box of 15.


Rainforest Alliance Certified. Biodegradable and Organic. Made from 100% biodegradeable corn-starch. Biodegrades in just 2 months!


Pair it with a Kernow Chocolate bar for the perfect Cornish treat!


Cornish Tea says:

"As soon as the hot water hits the leaves the fabulously fragrant steam rises and awakens your senses. That familiar citrus aroma with an ever so gentle floral back note. Not the stars of the show, the rose petals hang out in the background and are an elegant accompaniment to this classy little number. The leaves themselves are an accomplished ensemble, vibrant, African and well balanced.

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