Baba and Boo Hemp Booster

Baba and Boo Hemp Booster



Baba and Boo Hemp Booster


Oh my. Anyone who thought charcoal boosters were the answer for their heavy wetter will love these hemp super-boosters.


We can never quite believe that something this slim can be quite so thirsty, making them an ideal choice for heavy wetters and night-time use. 


And because they're made from hemp and organic cotton, we're loving their eco-credentials too.


As quick to dry as bamboo (although slower than charcoal) these are also convenient if you're washing a mix of bamboo and hemp.

  • Care:

    Made from 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton.

    Wash up to 60 degrees.

    Tumble dry on low if necessary, but please line dry when you can.

    We know that some of you choose not to pre-wash your nappies and bamboo inserts - but hemp really do need a few pre-washes to create extra absorbency.

    It is normal for hemp to shrink slightly when you first wash it. Please don't worry, they are sized them to cope with a little shrinkage! Give your inserts a good tug when they come out of the wash ('reshape whilst damp') - this will resize them nicely and help them to lie nice and flat inside the pocket.

    Remember not to use fabric conditioner on your nappies as this will effect absorbancy.